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This is where you make your film

Our premises can be used for a wide variety of different settings. We would like to take over the set-decoration and the props for you.

Police Station

Doctor’s Office

Architecture Office


Prison Cell


Group Room

Function Room


Psychological Practice

You are looking for a perfect location for photo or film shoots, then you are at the right place.

230 qm is plenty of space for a lot of different requirements.

Our floor is realy changeable.

It has already served as a police station for a crime series, as a state criminal investigation office, as a prison, as an ancient Swiss office and as a modern architecture office. Just contact us and tell us which scenes you want to implement in the location and we will support you where we can to realize your vision.

Details about the property

  • 5 rooms
  • 1200 qm

  • 230 qm of space

  • Toilets

  • 3 floors

To the picture gallery
To the picture gallery

More details about the location

  • The location has free parking spaces and a garden with a terrace. It has 5 rooms, two of them are large (80 qm and 50 qm – merging)

  • High ceilings, some decorated with stucco, old windows and doors with original fittings. The windows can be darkened with blinds or curtains.

  • Direct loading in front of the door is possible.

  • The floor has a basic set of work tables and chairs, lighting, shelves and PCs that are connected to high-speed W-LAN (Telekom).

Just tell us what you are looking for and we will support you in any way.


Our daily prices are based on the usual location prices. Preparation 50% discount. Just contact us when and how long you need the location and you will immediately receive a cost estimate.

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